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.0 1 Intro
Welcome to Quixotic Icons, the newest resource for icons, tutorials, textures, and so much more! Here, I, x_sweet_rapture (also known as Danya), am proud to provide you with quality icons. Enjoy your stay. :]

.02 Rules
1. Direct linking = no no. I use Photobucket, so therefore, every time you directlink one of my icons, you kill a penguin. You wouldn't want that, now would you? OK then, don't directlink.

2. Thievery is not tolerated. I work very hard on my icons and don't like others claiming credit for my hard work.

3. Credit = must/love/pluging for this lovely journal. :D How do you credit me? Like this:
You can credit either x_sweet_rapture or xxquixoticicons.

4. Don't alter any of my graphics. If you want something custom made for you, just comment and tell me. I'll try to take the time out to make it for you.

5. If you're going to take something, comment & tell me what you're taking.

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.03 Affiliates/Affiliation
All affiliates are loacted in this post, and you may apply there for affiliation as well. Just comment the entry. The only I require is that you're an icon/graphics journal and that it's active (as in you posted within the last month).
.0 4 Etc.

A post indicating my resources & credits is located here. Everything on this journal is made by me, unless otherwise stated.

IF I FORGET TO CREDIT YOU, PLEASE COMMENT ME AND TELL ME SO. I'll be glad to give you the credit you deserve.